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Business Disputes and Insurance Claims


Business Disputes and Insurance Claims

Norton, Wasserman, Jones & Kelly, L.L.C. is the firm to turn to during frustrating times. We specialize in specific practice areas so we can succeed in providing favorable resolutions. Our business law expertise allows us to successfully provide solutions for any business dispute, while our insurance claim experience has helped many clients reclaim their rights from insurance providers.  

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Business Disputes

If you are operating a business in Salina, KS or throughout North Central, Northwest, Southwest Kansas, and need help resolving a business dispute, Norton, Wasserman, Jones & Kelly, L.L.C. is your team. We have experience helping all sizes of businesses, from corporations to small, family-owned establishments, yet we treat them all the same. Let us help you sort your legal matters with your best interest at heart.

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Insurance Claims

We depend on insurance to financially support us through times of need. Without insurance, payment for medical attention, accidents, damage, and much more can be a significant financial burden. There are laws and rules that insurance policies must follow, but unfortunately, sometimes the policy holder’s rights are ignored. For several years, we have counseled both insurance companies and insureds in making claims, working on the documentation to support the claim, prosecuting the claim, defending the claim, litigating the claim, and appeals from Court decisions. We are more than happy to stand by your side and simplify what can be a stressful and frustrating process.

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